Survivor: Ex-player sex video leaked

Survivor: Ex-player sex video leaked
Survivor: Ex-player sex video leaked

A new video is making the rounds on the internet, with the private moments of a girl who had participated in the Survivor.

Specifically, according to a report from the show “Super Katerina”, an unknown person gained access to the social media accounts of the former player and managed to steal erotic material.

The former player had exchanged videos with her partner of their personal moments and photos.

The hacker, who downloaded and stored the material, sent a message from an unknown number to the player, informing her of what he had and asking her to 50,000 euros in order not to leak them on the internet.

She herself explained to him that she does not have this money, with the hacker asking her for 5,000 euros, while in order to pressure her sent material to her family members. The “bargains” continued and the price dropped to 1,500 euros.

The hacker downloaded all her photos from her profiles, as a show of force, as the same report states.

The woman turned to experts and managed to regain control of her social media. However, the himself started leaking the video via DM to social media users.

She herself proceeded to a post when she managed to regain control of her accounts.

“I’m uploading this photo not because I feel like doing it not to get likes or anything. The only reason I’m doing it is to say through this that no one has the right to invade my personal life as I want”He wrote.

It has started research for the traces left by the hacker, but also for those who still share the video, while the case is expected to reach justice.

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