Faye Skorda: And yet, she played… Faye Skorda in Numera

Fai Scordas in a unique appearance on ERT!

In an unexpected, short appearance, Fai Skordas made an appearance on ERT for the sake of Phoebus Delivorias and his new comedy series entitled “The Numbers”. In particular, on Friday night, the glamorous presenter left the morning zone for a while and found herself in a role – surprise!

In fact, Fai Scordas was asked to play herself and meet the popular songwriter in a delightful scene for the… breakfast that, initially, he himself did not want to attend at all! That is why the presenter was in the “paddock” for a separate interview.

“So, my Phoebus, what does this new beginning mean to you?” asked Fai Scordas and the interview began in the dressing room of Phoebus Delivorias. Although the smooth flow was initially interrupted by the demonstration that took place outside the store, with shouts and placards, the Prime Minister’s speech to the UN General Assembly followed, which forced ERT to, indeed, interrupt the flow of the episode.

In the same episode for “Numbers” Natasha Bofiliou and Panos Mouzourakis appeared on ERT.

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