Zodiac signs: What the new moon in Libra brings on September 25, 2022

Zodiac signs: What the new moon in Libra brings on September 25, 2022
Zodiac signs: What the new moon in Libra brings on September 25, 2022

The new Moon in Libra affects relationships and partnerships. we could make new beginnings if Mercury wasn’t retrograde. It is a good time to reassess situations, rethink our relationships and make the necessary changes to be happy. Let’s take a look at the past and make new beginnings after Mercury gets back on track on October 2nd. Until then the situations are not clear, there is blur and confusion. Needs patience. Let’s try to balance ourselves first so as not to disrupt relationships and partnerships.

The new Moon’s opposition to Jupiter magnifies things. We may get excited about a new relationship or collaboration, but something new may hide pitfalls since we don’t have a clear picture. We may make wrong decisions based on our over-optimism. We are prone to risk, excess, waste, we can get involved in illegal situations. Let’s not sacrifice tried and tested relationships for the enjoyment of the moment. The Venus/Pluto trine increases passion and ambition. We are in the mood for adventure. The Mercury/Venus retrograde conjunction brings new acquaintances but also lack of understanding, confusion and confusion. The Mercury/Pluto retrograde trine shows that people with experience and knowledge provide solutions to problems and guide young people. The difficult aspect of the new Moon with Uranus/Pluto brings difficulties and sudden events.

The message of the new Moon is compromise and concessions in relationships and partnerships if there are confrontations. The steps forward are meteoric. Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes, understand them and find mutual solutions.

How will all signs be affected with the new Moon in Libra? Read your horoscope too.


The new Moon in the opposite sign and trine Jupiter in your sign brings new opportunities in relationships and partnerships. Beware of over-excitement and impulsiveness. Get assurances before proceeding further, don’t dream. After 2/10 the facts will be clearer. Do your self-criticism now. You will have many misunderstandings and misunderstandings. Don’t lose your temper because you will be exposed. Decompress situations, stay diplomatic.


The new Moon affects everyday life, work, health. You may be offered a new partnership or you may close pending work or deal with the details of a project or you may take initiatives in your work. You focus on your physical condition, you may decide to start dieting, exercise, etc. You may change your daily schedule to make your life easier.


The new Moon makes you creative and gives you confidence. You are outgoing and you make new acquaintances that excite you. You are amorous, romantic, playful, passionate, you believe in yourself. You may start a new love relationship while if you are in a relationship, you get closer to your loved one, give and receive love. You showcase your talents and abilities.


The new Moon makes you emotional and brings home and family developments. You seek security and get closer to relatives and loved ones. You may renew your home, make changes and repairs or you may move. You may deal with your real estate and buy and sell. A familiar person may need your help or you may have conversations with relatives to put things in their place. Mercury retrograde may have brought misunderstandings. Don’t overestimate your strengths in general. Avoid new beginnings with Mercury retrograde because modifications will be made.


The new Moon affects communication and travel. You may expand your knowledge, make new acquaintances, have constructive dialogues with a partner or colleagues. You communicate better with others, collect information, receive news, record thoughts and opinions. Your relationships are renewed, you have a good mood and sense of humor.

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