The ex-wife of the “cannibal” actor urged his victims to speak up

There is no end to the revelations about cannibalistic tendencies and sexual abuse against women, with the abuser Armie Hammer.

One of those who shared their traumatic experience, after the association with Hammer, brought new revelations to the public. Her video Effiein which she breaks down in tears while recounting her alleged ordeal at the hands of the actor, made the rounds on the internet a few months ago.

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Elizabeth Chambers encouraged her to speak up

And while the case has taken the legal route, Hammer’s estranged wife, Elizabeth Chamberswas revealed to have been by Effie’s side from the start and supported her in coming out and sharing her story publicly.

More specifically, Chambers took a stand against what was heard after her statements that “it was really good” regarding her marriage to the actor, at the same time that the accusations against him continue to mount.

Elizabeth Chambers, who filed for divorce from the actor in July 2020, said Hammer has “focus on healing” and supported him. This caused a lot of backlash, after accusations of what other women have been through at his hands, however, as it turns out, she was the one who convinced the victim to speak up.

For her part, Effie, who accused Hammer of rape, posted Instagram Stories with messages she claims Chambers sent her, encouraging her to come out publicly and speak out against Hammer.

Following this revelation, a spokesperson for Chambers explained the reasoning behind her move, saying: “Given the extent and nature of the allegations made, Elizabeth sought to determine the truth of these allegations. She was very sensitive to all the members involved. The safety and well-being of their children remains her priority.”.

The messages of the two women

In one of the messages Chambers allegedly sent to Effie, she encouraged her to stay “focused on recording her stories” and “not only online but to proceed judicially”.

In another conversation, after he asked her if she had hired a lawyer, Effie replied that “felt a bit crappy” and he didn’t have time to talk to her. Chambers answered her: “I really need custody of my precious children”pressuring her to at least make a statement in court about what Hammer did to her.

I don’t want to push you, but your story is the best we have right now.” Chambers reportedly told her in another text. The snapshots from the messages were uploaded, according to foreign media, by Effie herself on Instagram Stories from her profile.

The documentary about Hammer’s “dark” passions

Armie Hammer’s alleged violent sexual fantasies as well as the dark aspects of his family history are “unfolded” in a new documentary series, in which the 35-year-old actor’s aunt and two of his ex-lovers participate.

In the new trailer released for “House of Hammer” Courtney Vucekovic and Julia Morrison describe in chilling detail their tumultuous relationship with the ‘Call me by your name’ star. “I’m here to talk about what happened during my relationship with Armie Hammer” Vucekovic says at the beginning of the trailer, her movements revealing her nervousness.

The two women are pointing at the camera messages which they say Hammer sent them during their affair, and which describe the violent sexual fantasies he wanted to play out with each of them. These include the infamous message “I’m 100% cannibal.”

“I haven’t digested that yet” Morrison is shown saying, who then reads aloud a message from Hammer: “I have a fantasy of a woman proving her love and devotion to me by agreeing to tie her up in a public place at night where anyone can freely use her body. And let’s see if he’ll [email protected]@@se strangers for my sake.”

One of the co-producers of the three-episode series that premiered on Discovery+ on September 2 is the actor’s aunt, Casey Hammer. She also appears in the trailer, saying that the accusations against her nephew did not surprise her, as darkness is a “tradition” of the Hammer family. “When all this was revealed about Armie, I wasn’t shocked. You don’t just wake up one day and become a manipulative abuser. The roots of this behavior are very deep.”

The documentary is his final chapter big scandal which in 2021 “destroyed” the career of the popular Hollywood star. Several women came forward and spoke about their traumatic experiences with Hammer, and an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department followed. Recent reports revealed that the former star is now working as timeshare salesperson on behalf of one resort in the Cayman Islandshaving previously spent a period in a rehab center.


In the trailer, both Vucekovic and Morrison say their relationship with Hammer started romantically. “At first I felt that everything was perfect, that I was experiencing something amazing. How can anyone be so handsome, smart, funny,” recalls Vucekovic. “But then things changed. Little by little, it brings you closer and closer to your limits. You are absolutely his.”

According to her, Hammer’s dark desires began to escalate after he left her a handwritten note saying that he would bite her everywhere. She also describes the actor tying her up so tightly during sex that she would close her eyes and wait for the act to end.


“He acted like a madman. The ropes were around your neck, your wrists, your ankles, you are completely immobilized. I just closed my eyes until it was over.” she mentions and shows the photo of the ropes that her ex-lover had sent her.

Morrison said her relationship with Hammer began with him praising her and calling her his ideal woman. But at the end of their relationship, the only thing he wanted them to talk about was the “his violent vices.” The trailer also features an audio message allegedly recorded by Hammer that reads: “The bet I wanted to make would involve coming to your house, completely immobilizing you by tying you up and doing whatever I want to every part of your body until I’m done with you.”


Casey Hammer, Armie’s father’s sister, who was estranged from the rest of the family after being “dismissed” from the will of her grandfather’s vast fortune in 1990, explains in the documentary that violence runs in the family.

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