Thanasis Viskadurakis: They stole his car

Thanasis Viskadurakis: They stole his car
Thanasis Viskadurakis: They stole his car

He was the victim of theft Thanasis Viskadurakis.

The actor revealed that some astute men stole his car from under his house in Perissos.

As he revealed on T-Live, he learned that the perpetrator has traveled to northern Greece.

“The car is going to Bulgaria, it’s incredible”he characteristically said and added: “Life makes you and you laugh even through difficult situations, but what can we do, it happened. I did not believe it”.

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“I heard it from friends who had it happen to them, but it was a burning desire that it wouldn’t happen to me. But come on, what happens to us too. Both to me and to the neighbor”, he then added. As for his feelings, when he realized that his car was missing, Thanasis Viskadourakis said: “The feeling is tragic, my legs are cut off.”

As he said below, at first he couldn’t believe it really happened to him, he thought he was dreaming. “It was the first time I left it here. I went to the rehearsal for “Bakalogato”, I went downstairs at 16:30 and I see that the car is missing. I thought I was dreaming, I went to have some fun with it. I say, such a great car cannot be lost,’ the actor pointed out.

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