Queen Elizabeth’s jewellery, clothes and belongings handed out – What will Kate, Camilla and others get

Queen Elizabeth’s jewellery, clothes and belongings handed out – What will Kate, Camilla and others get
Queen Elizabeth’s jewellery, clothes and belongings handed out – What will Kate, Camilla and others get

Queen Elizabeth has died, and along with all her assets, it remains to be seen in the palace how Camilla and Kate Middleton will… divide her clothes and jewelry.

Princess – now – Kate Middleton will get the ‘lion’s share’ of the Queen’s clothing and jewelery collection, with royal wife Camilla ‘having the first say and the ability to choose first’, royal experts claim .


Majesty Magazine editor-in-chief Ingrid Seward said who gets what has apparently been sorted, sorted “and organized by the Queen for some time”.

What will become of Queen Elizabeth’s jewels?

“I imagine her late Majesty’s personal jewels will be given to various members of her family. The Princess of Wales as future queen will get the lion’s share,” he explained.

There are pieces that will remain for use by the king’s wife – in this case Camilla. It will require a large collection to support its constitutional role.”


Certain items, such as Queen Elizabeth’s wedding dress and coronation dresswill be “preserved for historical purposes” and “put on display,” royal expert Christine Ross told FEMAIL.

From her bright ensembles, to her matching hats and bags, the Queen has become known for her classic sense of style.

Queen Elizabeth’s clothes will be brought to the palace for display

Queen Elizabeth, who was laid to rest Monday in a private funeral at Windsor Castle following her state funeral, was rarely seen in the same outfit during her 70-year reign, and when she did, her repeat outfits were carefully considered .


With an extensive wardrobe and jewelry collection, Elizabeth’s death left many wondering what might now happen to her possessions.

Royal expert Christine said: “I would expect that some of her iconic outfits, such as her Jubilee outfits or the coats and hats she wore to royal weddings, will definitely be kept for historical purposes.

»The Historic Royal Palaces collection holds several of Queen Victoria’s and Princess Diana’s clothes, and Queen Elizabeth’s clothes are of equal historical significance and interest.


“I have no doubt that her wedding dress and coronation dress will be held by the Royal Collection Trust and exhibited frequently.”

Queen Elizabeth: What her things will Kate Middleton, Camilla and grandchildren-great-grandchildren get

Christine also explained that most of Queen Elizabeth’s jewels belong to the Crown and will be passed on to the next king.

“Items from the Queen’s personal collection will have already been passed down to members of her family, each one having been personally selected by Elizabeth herself. Like any precious heirloom, these are definitely very special pieces.

I also believe that, like Princess Beatrice’s wedding dress, some clothes have already been given to her grandchildren (p.s.: Princess Beatrice got married in a white Queen Elizabeth gown).

Many of the Queen’s ball gowns could be modified to fit Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Kate Middleton or even Princesses Charlotte and Lillibet in the future.”


Many of the Queen’s possessions are held in trust, rather than part of the monarch’s private collection, meaning her jewelery will remain there.

As king, Charles is now responsible for the Crown Jewels, which have been handed down to British monarchs since the 17th century.

The Queen also has a private jewelry collection, which includes 300 pieces, according to the Times, including 98 brooches, 46 necklaces, 34 pairs of earrings, 15 rings, 14 watches and five pendants.

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