All the times she responded with vigor to harsh criticism and comments about her fights

Her much-discussed return Vicky Kaya in the GNTM brought into focus the rumored feud with the former judges, but also their relationships today.

After its premiere GNTM 5 followed by a “bombardment” of harsh reviews and comments on social media against the reality show. The search for the diversity model and the disagreements with it Sophia Hatzipanteli caused backlash among judges, while the excerpts became the subject of commentary on all morning entertainment shows.

GNTM with Vicky Kaya in the middle…

The presenter-judge of GNTM was again at the center of the media, let’s not forget that her name has been completely identified with the specific television project which this year is going through its 5th season on the air of Star.

On the occasion of new tough statements by Marina Patoulis about GNTMVicky Kaya was once again surrounded by microphones and journalists ready to give answers.

“She has the right to express her opinion. I don’t know the lady personally, but she can speak her opinion freely in public. This show creates so many emotions and they are all welcome. This is all funny, I don’t have anything bad to say about any person”, was the answer of Vicky Kaya.

After viewing the statements, Katerina Kainourgiou called Vicky Kaya on the air of the show to congratulate her for her attitude towards the cameras, all these years.

It is also not the first where Vicky Kaya is faced with harsh criticism for her television moments.

“They asked me to come back and I came back”

At the beginning of the summer, the announcement of her return to the GNTM set raised many questions about the domino of changes and the departure of other judges. And this time Vicky Kaya “charged” the removal of the judges, giving a mouth-watering answer.

“The channel decides whether someone will leave or return. I don’t know why these malicious comments are said and I don’t know to tell you about other people’s decisions either. They asked me to come back and I came back. I will never say that one will come and the other will go, I have never done it before, why should I do it now?”

Vicky Kaya – Elena Christopoulou

Elena Christopoulou in “Our Breakfast” had commented on the friendly style with which Vicky Kaya still responds even to her rumored conflicts.

“Both behind and in front of the cameras, we must tell the truth. What I say on my sofa I want to say in front of the cameras, I can’t say these sweet things and feel different”, was Elena Christopoulou’s criticism of Vicky Kaya.

“I am not offended by Elena Christopoulou’s comments”

Vicky Kaya, in her new statements on the show “Smile and Again”, answered Elena Christopoulou: “It is logical that Elena Christopoulou comments on my statements, since she is now on the panel of the show. for this reason I cannot sit and answer. Not that it offends me, or I wouldn’t want to answer, but I think I’ve proven that when I’m upset, you see that I’m upset, when I don’t like something, it shows and I tell you in any way I can.”

Vicky Kaya – Iliana Papageorgiou

Their television coexistence in GNTM created a “cloud” over their relationship, since after the end of their collaboration, the publications wanted the two women to be “at odds”.

Speaking on the “Open Weekend” show, Vicky Kaya wished success to Iliana’s new start at SKAI…

“I think her choice is fine, that it goes well and that we all do well. To try things that will move her forward because all professionals must do this. I wish her, from the bottom of my heart, good success, to enjoy it, to be happy and to learn from it.”

Vicky Kaya – Ismini Papavlasopoulou

“Whatever you need I’ll be here”

The arrival of Ismenis Papavlasopoulos in GNTM 4 after the vacancy left behind by Vicky Kaya, it was a topic that received a lot of publicity, however this time the official response left no room for malicious comments between the two women.

“Ismeni is a new person for you, we have known her for many years. This of the replacement and the comparison finds me opposite, because you have to let the man who came into the position to fill the role, not the position. I spoke with Ismeni and wished her “good luck”. Whatever is needed, I am here”, were the comments of Vicky Kaya.

“She is perfect, she answers everywhere! Vicky Kaya receives an award for television statements”commented Andreas Mikroutsikos through the show “Super Katerina” and we give it to her, since in every appearance in front of the cameras, Vicky Kaya responds with the “glove up”.

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