Responds to a comment that says Spyros Martikas “is like her dad”

Responds to a comment that says Spyros Martikas “is like her dad”
Responds to a comment that says Spyros Martikas “is like her dad”
Her response to a comment about her relationship with him Spiros Martikas gave by Vrisida Andriotou and then shared it on her personal social media account.

The instagrammer and her partner upload their shared snapshots quite often but they don’t “convince” some of their followers.

A few hours ago, Vrisida Andriotou reposted comments she received on Instagram regarding a recent photo of the couple. In more detail, they wrote to her: “He’s like your dad. Don’t convince us”with Vrisides answering: “Done. FYI, don’t let us convince anyone. May we be well, thank God.”

He then screenshotted the conversation and uploaded it to a new story, where he noted that: “PS Such messages from women really upset me and I am very sorry for this kind of behavior.”

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Recently, the couple was a guest on the show “Our Breakfast” and initially, they revealed when their relationship began.

“Our relationship started at the Survivor club. We have an anniversary date on April 14th. Apart from the fights and the fact that I left earlier, nothing deterred us.” Vrisida Andriotou initially stated.

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Spyros Martikas then spoke about the difficulties he faced in the survival reality show.

“It was an experience that I would like to live and I distinctly remember telling my sister that I’m going for a month, because I can’t stand it. It was terribly difficult, unimaginable and in the end, I stayed for six months”he characteristically said.

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Regarding their love, Briseida stated: “I fall in love over time. I love his character, some little things he does. I want time. I’m falling in love with the man I’m slowly getting to know. Not directly.”

For his part, the pharmacist stated that: “Love is earned and needs education, it is cultivated. Lightning love can lead to lightning disappointment.”

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Finally, they talked about their cohabitation in Athens. “Athens-Thessaloniki was a bit difficult. We live together, now we are building the house. We are temporarily staying with Spyros’ parents. His parents liked me before, through the game,” said Vrisida Andriotou.

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