An adoption changes everything

ALPHA’s new series brings protagonists with many secrets.. Everyone’s past is full of secrets and lies that come to light and upset the balance. The death of Aristides turns things upside down, as it brings to light an adoption that prevents the opening of the Paradise of the Ladies.

When Dinos visits Aristides’ house, he will see a piece of paper with the name “Apostolis Vassiliou” on his belongings. He wants to look for it himself, but he doesn’t have time… The funeral begins and everyone is there.

Dinos talks to Aristides’ lawyer. He is looking for the reason why his friend killed himself. Or did he not kill himself? The facts are complicated and no one can easily reach the truth.

Dinos and adoption in ladies paradise

Apostolis Vassiliou, the name on the paper, appears at the funeral! Dinos does everything to find out who he is, and as a result he is faced with an adoption in the series “Paradise of the Ladies”.

Yes, Aristides was adopted. This news explodes like a bomb. Dinos doesn’t know what to believe anymore. Does this mean he is adopted himself? The procedures to locate his parents begin. The danger is increasing.

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