Sakis Tanimanidis: The twins in his mother’s arms – New photos from the baptism

His twin daughters Saki Tanimanidis and her Christina Bomb were baptized last weekend, and both parents shared snaps of the ceremony and celebration on Instagram. The christening took place in a favorite place of the couple, Mykonos, while the godparents of the two girls were not one and two, but seven.

For the decoration, the couple chose pink shades, while a special touch was decorated bougainvillea in the church, the candy bar and on the tables. Christina Bomba’s dress, which was in a fairytale and romantic style, also had pink details.

The party lasted until the morning hours and the couple’s friends and relatives danced, ate and celebrated.

“We rejoice with you, our hearts. You are the light of our lives.” Christina Bomba wrote in one of her recent posts.

The couple published several photos from the christening day and as you can see on gallery that follows, they had paid attention to the smallest detail in the decorations, the buffet, the sweets.

Sakis Tanimanidis: His mother hugging the twins – The new photos of the baptism

Photos from the day of the baptism were also published by Sakis Tanimanidis’ mother, Matoula. The grandmother wrote about her granddaughters:

“Granddaughters with enlightenment and a name!!

Philippa and Ariana be blessed to fill us with joy !! baptismwishes #godpareḥveyou”

Matoula Tanimanidis, like Christina Bomba’s mother, helps the couple as much as she can and many times we have seen her taking care of little Ariana and Philippa. There are not a few times that Christina Bomba through her account has publicly thanked the two women in her life for the valuable help they give her. Shall we remind you then that both grandmother Matoula and grandmother Iota had become wanted?

See Grandma Matoula hugging the new converts in the gallery below.

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