SKAI: Alarm after anise water

He didn’t have time to air an episode of “Glycanisos” and the changes in the evening zone began and even radical ones before it was too late with SKAI showing unique reflexes and at the same time indirectly but clearly admitting his defeat. The 3.4% in the youth and 4.5% in the total audience that happened yesterday when the new series of SKAI did not give much scope to the channel in such an environment of extreme competition.

Thus, rather than completely lose a series that the Neos Faliros channel has staked a lot on and promoted better than any other, it was better to show it on another day when “Sasmos” and “Gi tis Elia” in ALPHA and MEGA did not they will get the lion’s share of prime time in terms of fiction.

SKAI’s changes in the evening zone

This means that as of today, the place of “Aniseed” is already being taken by a foreign film, while the series moves every Friday at 21.00 with a double episode – except for this Friday, which will play a single episode and the first one which, based on percentages, the TV viewers did not see – and the Saturday at 21.00 also with a double. This means that there is a domino effect of changes also affecting the new programs coming from next week.

The Anise series

Therefore, the premiere of “Love” is postponed to Monday, September 26 at 11:00 p.m., when it will be shown, while the screening of “Love Island” that premieres next week, as “Glycanisos” will be replaced by a foreign film on other days, the duration of which is two hours, so it will play at 23.00 from Tuesday 27 September and will be shown from Tuesday to Saturday at the same time.

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