Mathios was arrested and twitter is trying to “open the eyes” of Vasiliki

Sasmus: Mathios swears in Vasiliki that he did not kill that Angel and the reactions on twitter are endless.

In the new episode of the Sasmos series, the arrest of Mathios for the murder of Angelos fell like a bomb on the Vroulakis family!

Vasiliki runs to meet Mathios while at the same time Manolis, tormented by remorse for the murder, re-enters the frame of the investigations as a possible witness. Sofia and Tasos express their reservations to Stella about her decision to defend Mathio.

“I know what kind of person I have next to me, you are not a murderer, you are not a person who can kill”, were the words of Vasiliki who visited Mathios in his cell.

Sasmos – Twitter is trying to “open the eyes” of the Basilica

The scene with the meeting between Vasiliki and Mathios after the postponement of their wedding caused emotion in many viewers, while there were not a few who reacted with Vasiliki’s attitude, trying to “open her eyes” in order to see the real face of Matthew.

The article is in Greek

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