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“He’s a colleague now so he won’t listen to me”

“He’s a colleague now so he won’t listen to me”
“He’s a colleague now so he won’t listen to me”

THE Tanya Trypi who this season will star in the new SKAI series “Aniseed” she spoke to the camera of the show “Our Breakfast” and among other things referred to her daughter Jenny Kazakou who in recent years has been actively involved in the field of acting.

“I’m all for kids doing what they want. It didn’t surprise me that Jenny wanted to get into acting because she grew up in the theater. What pleases me is that he has seen both the good and the bad. He knows what he’s up against so let’s play it safe. She’s cool, she’s got it in her head, she’s doing well. And my other daughter is into acting.

Slow down, slow down too… I’m not strict with them. They are big girls now. I don’t give advice unless asked for it. Everyone does what they want. Also, when we talk about a colleague, Jenny is our colleague now, she will listen to her director, not me,” he said.

At another point, Tania Trypi also referred to two bad collaborations she had in the past saying,

“In the past I had two very bad partnerships. They didn’t understand that they were bad partnerships, I did. The job was over and I just never worked together again. We didn’t fight. The collaboration ends and you simply don’t collaborate again”

The article is in Greek

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