Unthinkable: Police in the US killed a man who called “100” because he was trapped in his car (vid)

Unthinkable: Police in the US killed a man who called “100” because he was trapped in his car (vid)
Unthinkable: Police in the US killed a man who called “100” because he was trapped in his car (vid)

Police say he was belligerent, uncooperative and armed with knives. Beware harsh images…

Another murder on USA by police officers! In the early hours of June 11, 22-year-old Christian Glass was shot by a police officer in his car. A little earlier he had called “100” (911 is their number) asking for help because his car had broken down.

At 11.21 p.m. on June 10, the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a driver in need of assistance in Silver Plume, Colorado. That driver was Christian Glass, a chef and artist, who during the call said his car was “stuck really badly” and that he needed help.

During the call he mentioned that he had two knives, a hammer and a rubber mallet, which he said he could throw out of the car when the police arrived so they would feel safe.

According to the police statement, however, Christian “became immediately belligerent and uncooperative” when officers arrived, who Tasered him and eventually shot him an hour later.

The Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office reported that he “ultimately attempted to stab an officer and was shot,” with Christian listed as “deceased.”

The autopsy report on the chef’s death said he was shot five times in the chest and one in the right arm, with the medical examiner ruling his death a homicide caused by the gunshot wounds.

Lawyers representing the Glass family claim that “from start to finish, the officers escalated and resorted to violence.”

In a statement, they claimed that there was “no need” for the officers to threaten Christian or use force, arguing that they “acted in an unconscionable and inhumane manner”.

Dashcam footage released by lawyers for the Glass family shows them in Christian’s car for more than an hour as he pleads with them to get him out of the predicament. Christian was seen on camera praying that his windows wouldn’t be smashed, while at other times Christian can be seen repeatedly making the heart sign with his hands at the officers. The video later shows Christian being shot multiple times.


The full statement from the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office:

“On the evening of Friday June 10, 2022 at 11:21 p.m., the Clear Creek Sheriff’s Office Call Center received a call for a ‘motor vehicle assist’ in the 600 block of Main St. in Silver Plume.

Officers arrived and found a single vehicle, which appeared to have been involved in an accident. The driver and sole passenger, an adult white male, immediately became belligerent and uncooperative armed with a knife.

Other police officers arrived and for over an hour tried to bring the situation to a peaceful resolution. Officers were able to break the windows of the car and remove a knife. The suspect re-armed himself with a second knife.

The officers used a taser, with negative results. The suspect eventually tried to stab an officer and was shot. The suspect was pronounced dead. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation is conducting the investigation.”

Beware harsh images

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