“I’ve met him, I found him sexy”

“I’ve met him, I found him sexy”
“I’ve met him, I found him sexy”

THE Anna Vissi she had attended a birthday party of his Prince Charlesabout 20 years ago, he revealed.

Speaking on the “Eleni” show, the popular singer mentioned that she had sung to her son Queen Elizabeth the birthday song.

I sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him and – you’ll laugh – but then I also found him a bit sexy. I found him charming, I tell you the truthAnna Vissi said laughing.

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She then explained why she found him attractive and as she mentioned, it wasn’t his looks. “I found him sexy, because to me intelligence is sexy. He was smart, made nice comments, approached me in a very charming way. It wasn’t the basil that captivated me. I’m talking nonsense, that was it too”, he stated. Finally, he mentioned that the event had taken place in a palace next to Buckingham, where various events were taking place. “He was very sweet to me, I liked him”he said closing.

In November 2001, Anna Vissi sang at the British Academy at a party organized for Prince Charles’ birthday by the British School of Archeology in Athens to raise money for her work. As finally announced, 825,000,000 drachmas were collected.

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