Bette Midler: Visited Heraklion and enjoyed Cretan cuisine

Bette Midler: Visited Heraklion and enjoyed Cretan cuisine
Bette Midler: Visited Heraklion and enjoyed Cretan cuisine

THE Bette Midler visited Greece and specifically the Heraklion in order to spend some moments of relaxation, while enjoying the Cretan cuisine, as well as the sights of the island.

According to, the 76-year-old American comedian and singer, keeping a very low profile, found herself at the archaeological site of Knossos and then at the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, and immediately afterwards she enjoyed lunch with her husband and two of his associates at a well-known restaurant in the city, causing frenzy among passing tourists who recognized her. The information states that after her visit to the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion at approximately 2:30 in the afternoon she went to the restaurant where she had reserved a table.

According to the information, the Hollywood star asked to have a rich meal with fresh fish and seafood, while for the wine she preferred Spina Moscato from a Cretan vineyard.

The fresh fish from the seas of Crete, the cuttlefish risotto, the grilled squid and the fricassee with open-sea fish drove Bette Midler crazy, who finished her meal by enjoying a civil halva (semolina) with ice cream for dessert, while her Chios mastic liqueur caused top expressions of delight and admiration for the unique Greek product, mastic, which grows only in Chios.

Judging by the tip she is rumored to have left for the waiters, 30 euros, she must have been very pleased with the meal, which in total came to about 200 euros.

However, Bette Midler refused to take pictures with the tourists who recognized her and expressed strong feelings of admiration, wanting to keep her presence in Heraklion as quiet as possible.

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