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Queen Elizabeth: Prince Harry to wear military uniform during vigil at Westminster Hall on Saturday – Mirror reveals.

According to the Mirror, the Duke of Sussex received special permission to wear his military uniform for the first time after leaving the palace for a vigil tomorrow at Westminster Hall.

The Queen’s eight grandchildren, including Harry and his brother Prince William, will stand in silence in front of their grandmother’s coffin on Saturday night for a 15-minute vigil.

The Mirror article

King Charles appears to have been led to this decision after it was revealed that Prince Andrew, who has also been stripped of his royal duties, had been given special permission to wear his uniform at an earlier vigil attended by the four children on Friday of, despite the prohibition in earlier ceremonial events.

Does the palace “take back”? – After the 26/9 announcements about their children’s titles

It may be that all these days in the United Kingdom are dominated by mourning for the death of the Queen, but the tabloids do not leave any movement of the Sussexes unoccupied.

Yesterday, the news making the rounds was that Harry and Meghan were upset with the King’s decision not to grant Archie and Lillibet ‘Royal Highness’ status.

However, according to what the Daily Mail reports today, there will be no announcement about the future titles of Harry and Meghan’s children during the period of royal mourning.

Following the death of their great-grandmother, Archie and Lillibet are sixth and seventh in line to the throne and entitled to be called prince and princess. However, in order for the Sussex children to enjoy royal privileges, they must accompany the titles from the status of “Royal Highness”.

Yesterday a spokesman for King Charles said that announcements on the matter were “unlikely” to be made before September 26, when the royal mourning period ends.

“There will definitely be a discussion at some point, but not during the royal mourning period,” royal sources added to the Daily Mail.

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