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Majorkinis: We are concerned about the coexistence of influenza and Covid-19

Majorkinis: We are concerned about the coexistence of influenza and Covid-19
Majorkinis: We are concerned about the coexistence of influenza and Covid-19

The aim is to ensure their immediate arrival across the EU. According to the European Medicines Agency, the new vaccines are intended to be administered to people aged 12 and over who have been vaccinated at least once against Covid-19.

In GREECEthe updated vaccines expected next month and the National Immunization Committee will issue vaccination guidelines.

An opinion from the European Medicines Agency is also expected in the coming weeks on the adapted vaccines Omicron BA.4 and BA.5.

Through the Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA), all member states have access to the adapted vaccines in the quantities needed to protect their citizens.

The logic of the specific vaccines, the assistant professor of Epidemiology and member of the Committee of Experts reports to APE-MPE Gikas Mallorca, is similar to that of updated flu vaccines. Depending on the most widespread strains of the previous year, the vaccines are updated, he added.

Regarding the taking of measures regarding the mandatory vaccination Mr. Majorkinis said “that at the moment we do not see pressure for mandatory vaccination and this is not a possible scenario. THE obligatoriness enters into the framework of a proportionality. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the NHS, the obligation comes.”

More than 50% of the population understood summer

More than 50% of the population contracted covid-19 in the summer, with the predominant subvariants BA.4 and BA.5 ‘Omicron variantestimates Gikas Majorkinis, who explains that the specific strains seem to have been pyrogenic, i.e. they induce a stronger immune response than the Omicron’s BA.1 and BA.2 subvariants, “so we think that the induced immunity will be even stronger. It remains to be seen in practice.”

This particular pandemic will not be eradicated

He notes that we cannot yet confidently say that we are in an endemic phase, estimating that “we will have passed into a phase of predictable outbreaks, around April next year. The specific pandemic it will not be eradicated, the coronavirus will not disappear. When we say that the pandemic will end, we mean that we will pass into a stage of symbiosis with the virus that we are already experiencing”.

He does not rule out the emergence of a new mutation by identifying it in the coming months, explaining that “we should see the profile of the winter outbreak and the increase in transmissibility begins October with November. In these months we expect a strain or sub-strain, last year we had Omicron at the end of December who came from South Africa”. Mr. Majorkinis explains that “pandemics are weakened by the gradual building of cross-immunity, that is, with vaccines and infection.” We had the advantage, he emphasizes, that in this particular pandemic very quickly vaccines were developed that speed up this process and millions of people have been saved in the transition course of living with the virus.

Two months earlier the flu appeared

The coexistence of influenza and covid-19 is something that worries scientists. “It is difficult to assess at this moment what will happen to the NSS, but it is certainly something that concerns us for the pressure that is expected to be exerted in October-November,” he says.

The flu appeared two months earlier in the Southern Hemisphere that go through the winter season and this has its explanation. According to Mr. Mayorkini, the intense wave is due to the fact that “in the last two years the population has not been exposed to flu and especially those under 50, where most are also unvaccinated, so the herd immunity has decreased with the result that flu waves come earlier and for this reason we can also see outbreaks in young populations during the summer”.

He believes that flu vaccination would make sense to start earlier, but the big issue is whether there is availability of updated flu vaccines.

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