September is a barometer for CoViD

September is considered a critical month for the evolution of the pandemic. The reopening of schools and the return of vacationers to urban centers will determine the degree of spread of the coronavirus in the community.

For now, the course is relatively mild, with the exception of deaths, and there are predictions of a new outbreak from October.

According to data from the Federation of Hospital Workers (POEDIN), September begins with 1,382 hospitalized patients in simple CoViD beds and 120 in CoViD ICUs. In the pediatric hospitals, 50 children with CoViD are also being treated.

For simple hospitalization, 4,479 beds are reserved, which burdens the operation of large public nursing institutions and causes the development of ranches. 263 ICU beds are also reserved for coronavirus cases.

“The beds that are blocked show what will happen in the event of a reversal of the downward course of hospitalizations”, notes the president of POEDIN Michalis Giannakos (Photo).

Mr. Giannakos emphasizes that, as hospitalizations of patients with CoViD increase, more and more beds are reserved at the expense of patients with other diseases.

With his recent statementhowever, the general secretary of Health Services Yannis Kotsiopoulos (photo) clarified how is expected to put an end to the model of CoVid clinics.

As he said, patients with Covid will be given the opportunity to be treated at the clinic where they came for the health problem they are facing.


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