Free First Aid training: The initiative of Groupama Insurance that can save lives

Free First Aid training: The initiative of Groupama Insurance that can save lives
Free First Aid training: The initiative of Groupama Insurance that can save lives

On the occasion of Private Insurance Day, Groupama Insurance is offering 100 free places in the training program “The Life Savers”.

An accident can happen anywhere. In the office, on the street, on public transport, at home. Almost one in ten deaths that occur annually in our country is estimated to be sudden, while the majority of them are due to cardiovascular causes. So, until help manages to arrive, every minute counts. Valid and timely intervention of help from someone close to the scene is vital in order to avoid the worst.

Especially the first ten minutes after the accident are also the most important. The execution CPR in the unconscious person, it can increase their chances of surviving a cardiac arrest by 40%. Therefore, one can easily understand why it is necessary to know from first aid.

In an effort to educate more and more people on this very critical issue, the Groupama Insurance decided to go ahead with a great initiative. More specifically, from 2022 we were introduced to the educational program “The Life Savers“, which aims to increase public awareness of the concept of prevention.

To date, more than 100,000 people worldwide have already been trained, completely free, however, it doesn’t stop there. The goal of “The Life Savers” is education 1,000,000 people worldwide in First Aid. For this reason and on the occasion of Private Insurance Daywhich is celebrated every year on November 11Groupama Insurance decided this year to offer 100 free seats in the program.

Specifically, the first 100 that we will move on to on new home or health insurance through the Exclusive Affiliate Network of Groupama Insurance, within the ten days of November 6-16we will have the opportunity to train free at First aid, through the highly successful program “The Life Savers”*. To ensure this privilege, we should contact the Exclusive Network of Groupama Insurance Partners or call 210 329 5111, so that they can fully inform us about the available insurance products and help us choose the plan that suits our needs.

Training consists of a four-hour seminar, which includes both a theoretical and a practical part, upon completion of which the participants are able to provide assistance in cases of distress, drowning, heart attack, bleeding and other emergency situations. So far it has been made available to a limited number of employees, partners and customers of Groupama Insurance and it continues dynamically.

Her “The Life Savers” program Groupama Insurance is part of the company’s wider effort to cultivate a culture of prevention, solidarity and protection of human life.

Because if we are properly prepared, we can save a life. Anywhere and anytime.

* Terms and conditions apply to the action.


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