How and when we should do maintenance on heating systems

How and when we should do maintenance on heating systems
How and when we should do maintenance on heating systems

Maintenance on the most commonly used heating systems such as oil burners, natural gas boilers and air conditioners is the basic requirement for maximizing efficiency, improving air quality and saving energy and money.

Oil burner maintenance

Oil burner maintenance should be done either at the end of the heating season, ie in April-May or at the beginning of the winter season, that is October-November. The basic process includes the cleaning of the burner, which during its use collects dirt and residues that prevent its smooth and economical operation.

The procedure for cleaning the oil burner is carried out by a licensed technician and includes the cleaning of the oil tank and the cleaning of the parts that contain the burner (filter, etc.). The technician drains the tank, then cleans the tank and its components, then refills it. The first action the technician takes is an “autopsy” in order to make measurements and checks and then proceed to the basic tasks such as cleaning the boiler and oil tank, venting the burner, checking for exhaust gases and leaks and adjusting the thermostat and of correct oil-air ratios.

It is worth noting that there are two types of cleaning: the drywhich is done with brushes and aims to the chemist which is done in specialized cases.

By maintaining an oil burner, exhaust gas emissions that pollute the atmosphere are reduced, energy efficiency is increased, and fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 50%.

Gas boiler maintenance

Gas boiler maintenance should be carried out at least once a year and ideally after the end of the heating season, i.e. approximately from April to September. It is a necessary condition for the smooth operation of the systems and, among other things, achieves an increase in the degree of thermal efficiency, fuel savings, damage minimization, reduction of pollutant emissions and safety of use.

Maintenance is carried out by licensed gas fuel technicians and the main tasks carried out are cleaning the burner, combustion chamber, heat exchanger, sparking and ionisation electrodes, adjusting gas pressures, checking exhaust safety devices, filling of the nitrogen expansion tank, the detection of any leaks in the natural gas line and burner components.

Air conditioner maintenance

Many consumers, especially those who live in apartment buildings where central heating for various reasons does not work, have turned to air conditioners even for the winter months. And in the case of air conditioning, proper maintenance improves indoor air quality, maximizes performance, ensures proper operation and prevention of damage, and ensures quiet operation (for those systems where this is provided for). The maintenance of the air conditioners must be carried out by a qualified technician before and after the periods of intense use, i.e. 1-2 times a year, and its frequency depends on the age of the systems and their use. The most basic maintenance tasks for an air conditioner include checking and cleaning the filters and elements of the indoor and outdoor units, cleaning the impellers and the fan cover, checking for coolant leaks, while more extensive maintenance can be done in which condensate drains are cleaned and other checks are carried out such as power supply cables, amperage measurement etc. At the end a special maintenance report is issued.

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