Corona virus: 13,000 vaccinations per day are few

Corona virus: 13,000 vaccinations per day are few
Corona virus: 13,000 vaccinations per day are few

The Panhellenic Medical Association appeals to citizens to speed up their vaccinations against both the flu virus and the coronavirus.

In addition to the vaccination against the coronavirus, the Panhellenic Medical Association also reminds all citizens of the importance of the flu vaccination, saying that it is necessary to be vaccinated in time – within November – given that from mid-December to March, an outbreak of the flu is observed in our country flu cases.

“Citizens over the age of 60, health workers, those who take care of small children and the elderly, those living in closed structures, the immunosuppressed and the chronically and seriously ill should be vaccinated against influenza, while it is useful to discuss with their doctor the possibility of vaccination , all citizens without exception”, the doctors note.

The PIS also emphasizes the need for the citizen to ask his doctor to answer his questions and provide him with clarifications regarding vaccination, in order to give the doctor the opportunity to inform about the possible particularities presented by each organism (active infection, certain autoimmune diseases, etc.).

Few vaccinations

PIS sounds the alarm that the 13,000 vaccinations per day against SARS-CoV-2 are too few!

“Doctors must inform their patients who got sick or were vaccinated against the coronavirus 6 months ago, that they are currently completely unprotected. The implementation of the updated vaccine for the latest mutations of SARS-CoV-2 is mandatory in accordance with the recommendation of the National Immunization Committee for all over 60 years of age, health workers, but also for any other citizen who wishes to be protected”, they note the doctors.

Any citizen who has doubts or questions about the updated vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 can contact their doctor for clarification, the PIS members conclude.


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