“Present”, but under control, Covid-19

“Present”, but under control, Covid-19
“Present”, but under control, Covid-19

November 9, 2023 – 11:50

Detailed statistics for the General Hospital of Volos from 2020 to 2023

The coronavirus is an important, but not alarming, “present” in the daily lives of the people of Volio that even today, three years after the appearance of the virus, hospitalizations and deaths of patients are recorded.

It was not until 2023, when, formally, the end of the pandemic has meant, a total of 77 deaths were recorded at the Volos Hospital, while only one person died in the last few days.

The fact of increased deaths in a year when, according to many experts, the coronavirus has ended, causes concern for thousands of Volio residents. However, speaking to TAHYDROMOS, the president of hospital doctors in Achillopouleio, Pavlos Malindretos, states that the virus has subsided and should not pose a threat to citizens.

Commenting on the statistics published by the management of the General Hospital of Volos, he emphasizes that, now, the people hospitalized with coronavirus are older and with underlying diseases.

According to the data, in 2023 there have been 77, so far, deaths of people with coronavirus, of which 52 were men and 25 were women, while it is characteristic that most (28) occurred in the first month of the year.

“In no case can we compare this year’s figures with what we experienced during the first years of the virus, especially in 2020 and 2021. Then there was greater mortality, but also much greater, multiple morbidity. I experienced those days of the pandemic as a doctor and I am experiencing the situation now and in no way can they be compared” says Mr. Malindretos.

Regarding the recent hospitalizations recorded due to coronavirus at the Volos Hospital, the doctor states that on average they amount to 10 and concern older people with underlying diseases.

However, in 2020 the days of hospitalization with covid-19 reached 3,663, with the highest number of hospitalizations observed in the 2nd covid clinic with 1,256 hospitalizations. The following year, covid-19 hospitalization days reached 17,245, while in 2022 covid-19 hospitalization days reached 8,267.

However, the number corresponding to hospitalization days in 2023 appears significantly lower, which amounted to 2,427 with the highest number of hospitalizations observed in the 2nd covid clinic 1,390.

In total and for the entire duration of the pandemic, the days of hospitalization with covid-19 amounted to 31,572.

For the number of deaths that occurred at the top of the years, it was found in 2021, the year in which the largest outbreak of the virus occurred.

In 2020 the deaths reached 110, in 2021 the deaths reached 412 and in 2022 the deaths decreased by almost 50% to 220.

For 2023, up to 6-11-2023, the deaths reached 77. The 52 deaths correspond to men and 25 to women. The average age of those who died from covid-19 was 78.47 for men and 82.36 for women, for a total of 79.75 years.

In total and for the entire duration of the pandemic, the deaths due to covid-19 amounted to 819, i.e. 433 men and 386 women.

Mr. Malindretos pointed out that the coronavirus has made its rounds, but caution is needed regarding high-risk groups and their caregivers.

“It would be good for the elderly and vulnerable groups to be vaccinated and to be a little more careful,” explained Mr. Malindretos, while he emphasized that now fewer and fewer are at risk from the coronavirus than in the early years.



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