He asked scientists if he could “kill” Covid-19 with a hair dryer

He asked scientists if he could “kill” Covid-19 with a hair dryer
He asked scientists if he could “kill” Covid-19 with a hair dryer

Boris Johnson had asked two prominent scientists, advisers to the British government, whether it would be possible to use a … hair dryer on the nose to “kill” the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes Covid-19, claims the former his special adviser.

In his written testimony, released today as part of the public inquiry into the management of the pandemic, the Dominic Cummings maintains that him March 2020 the then prime minister of Britain shared with others “a video of a guy using a special blow dryer on his nose to kill covid and asked the government’s scientific adviser Patrick Vallance and chief medical officer Chris Whitty what they thought about it.’

The video in question is no longer available online because it was taken down by the YouTube platform.

Cummings described Boris Johnson as “extremely careless” at that time, due to the financial problems he was facing due to his divorce which was nearing finalization. “His current partner wanted to finalize the announcement of their engagement” and he “was saying he wanted to work on his Shakespeare book”, which is still out.

The release of this filing comes one day after the extremely unpleasant for Johnson, testimony from other advisers about how he handled the pandemic. As they argued, “events had overtaken him” and he was scarcely interested in the casualties, though the country had been very seriously affected, having 230,000 dead.

Today, a senior civil servant, Helen McNamarawhich says she was targeted “violent and misogynistic” messages from Dominic Cummings, report it “toxic” climate created in Downing Street by Johnson’s adviser at the time. Cummings himself found himself at the center of a scandal because he traveled amid the curfewbut Johnson supported him andbeing kept in his position despite the complaints against him.

Johnson resigned as Prime Minister in July 2022, due to the successive triggers that had seen the light of day in the past and many of them were related to her violation of pandemic health regulations.

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