After Event 201 predicted Covid 19, Bill Gates Foundation ‘reveals’ new pandemic of 2025, SEERS

The 2025 virus is called Severe Epidemic Entero-Respiratory Syndrome

The Covid 19 pandemic has revealed a lot about how knowledge holders worldwide are preparing.
One of the revelations was the pandemic drills previously conducted by various Institutes, such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Event 201 has now assumed mythical proportions, fueling intense discussions mainly in the USA, how it is possible for a global pandemic to appear just a few months after the simulation exercise and to have such a strong resemblance to the case of Covid and the Event 201 that preceded it outbreak in Wuhan.
The simulation of Covid or Event 201 was carried out in October 2019 – just two months before the coronavirus was first revealed in Whuan – by the Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, Bloomberg and Johns Hopkins.
As with Event 201, the participants in the simulating monkeypox have so far been silent on the fact that they were participating in a simulated pandemic, the events of which played out in real life a few months later.

New simulation

As if that weren’t enough, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with the World Health Organization and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, conducted ‘Catastrophic Contagion’, a new pandemic exercise in Brussels, Belgium on October 23, 2022.
This latest exercise simulated a series of emergency WHO health advisory board meetings to deal with a new pandemic emerging “in the near future.”
Participants attempted to respond to an outbreak localized in one part of the world, which then spread rapidly, becoming a pandemic with a higher mortality rate than Covid-19 and disproportionately affecting children and young people.
The 2025 virus is called Severe Epidemic Entero-Respiratory Syndrome.
The acronym is SEERS.

What do the instructions say?

Although videos are posted on the youtube platform, one cannot see them unless they know their link (see here).
In the lessons learned section of the exercise it states:
– Leaders must prepare now to make difficult, critical decisions with limited information in the early days of the next pandemic in order to increase the chances of containing a dangerous outbreak at source.
– To successfully contain such an outbreak, decisive and bold action will need to be taken in the face of insufficient data, high scientific certainty and potential political resistance.
– Preparation for effective response and practice in both tabletop and high-level operational exercises to begin now.
– Countries should create a global network of professional public health leaders who can work together to improve outbreak preparedness and response and strive for agreement on scientific issues before the next major outbreak.
– Countries should prioritize efforts to increase trust in government and public health, improve public health communication efforts, increase populations’ resilience to misinformation
– Countries must work together to anticipate this threat and prepare to combat it with their own laws and procedures.

What do they recommend?

WHO Member States should strengthen international systems for sharing and allocating scarce public health resources.
Pioneering global collaborations such as ACT-Accelerator and COVAX were launched during the Covid-19 pandemic.
However, public health leaders still lack confidence in current approaches to the equitable distribution of medical countermeasures during a future pandemic.
They need to develop production, distribution and management capabilities around the world, paying particular attention to countries with poor infrastructure.
This has to be done now…
He concludes: “It is clear from Catastrophic Contagion that even after the terrible impact of Covid-19, more preparation needs to be done, new decisions made and additional resources committed.
We have to push the limits of our ability to respond.”

The panelists consisted of 10 current and former health ministers and senior public health officials from Senegal, Rwanda, Nigeria, Angola, Liberia, Singapore, India and Germany, as well as Bill Gates:

Anita Cicero
Awa Marie Coll Seck
Bill Gates
Donald Kaberuka
Johanna Hanefeld
K. Vijay Raghavan
Luis Gomes Sambo
Mike Ryan (WHO)
Mark Dybul
Muhammad Ali Pate
Poh Lian Lim (COVAX)
Tolbert Geewleh Nyenswah
Tom Frieden (Senior Fellow for Global Health at the Council on Foreign Relations)
Tom Inglesby

Who had participated in Event 201

Andrea Lapp
Anita Cicero
Caitlin Rivers
Carol Miller
Crystal Watson
Diane Meyer
Eric Toner
Jackie Fox
Jeffrey French (for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
Julia Cizek
Margaret Miller
Matthew Shearer
Matthew Watson
Randy Larsen
Richard Bruns
Ryan Morhard
Tara Kirk Sell
Tom Inglesby

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