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Blood Donation Seminar from N.Y. Blood Donation of Aretaia Hospital of EKPA [30/9/22]

The N.Y. Blood donation of ARETEIO EKPA Hospital and the Director, Professor of Hematology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Marianna Politou, implementing the action Blood Donation 365 ( and under the auspices of the School of Medicine, are organizing a hybrid Blood Donation Seminar entitled “EDUCATING THE ATTRACTORS”which will take place on the 30-9-2022 in the room IOANNIS DRAKOPOULOS of the Central building of the UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS from 11:00 to 17:00.

The seminar is addressed to attractors of voluntary blood donors from the Blood Donors of all Greece as well as from the Municipalities who have adopted the blood donation365 campaign.

The blood donation 365 action aims to develop a strategic communication and education plan to attract and retain volunteer blood donors in Greece that will dynamically adapt to the needs of the volunteer blood donor with practices adapted to the local culture and environment.

See more about the blood donation 365 action:

30/09/2022 from 11:00 up to 17:00


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