Sissy Christidou: The confession about the loss of her mother is touching – “It was a big shock”

Sissy Christidou: The confession about the loss of her mother is touching – “It was a big shock”
Sissy Christidou: The confession about the loss of her mother is touching – “It was a big shock”

“It’s very difficult, it’s very fresh, not even a year has passed,” says Sissy Christidou.

Sissy Christidou gave a comprehensive interview to OK magazine and Michalis Rodopoulos. The presenter spoke, among other things, about the loss of her mother.

“My mother was ill since September 2020. That year, the last one at the Open, was very difficult, where my life was divided – and until she “left” – between Athens and Thessaloniki. Monday and Tuesday when their father had the children I was in Thessaloniki – I went up every week and tried to manage all this. The distance was the hardest part for me. I begged her to come to Athens so I could be near her and take care of her here, but my mom didn’t want to at all.

So that year when nobody knew anything, I waited until the TV season was over so it wouldn’t be seen as an issue that I was exploiting. I knew things were not going well and then in July I decided to make a YouTube video to talk about it, mainly to thank the doctors at the Papanicolaou Hospital. It was a group of people that I really felt I owed to them every day that I was away from her, they took care of her as if I were there.

So then I talked about my mom’s illness a few months before she “left” and I can’t tell you that I regretted it or that it made it harder for me, because I also got a lot of love, a lot of hugs, but above all, a lot of information. That is, people came who had or have the same disease, so a community was created through which I got a lot of information that I did not have access to before.

We found doctors, we shared treatments, I made friends, because if the other person is not going through the same thing, it is very difficult to understand you. Of course, there is this difficulty that you live it in public a little, but all this becomes a huge hug afterwards that supports and helps you.

It is very difficult, it is very fresh, not even a year has passed. He “gone” on February 4th, my dad’s birthday, tragic irony. It’s all the first time we live without mom. The first Easter, the first Mother’s Day, the summer now without mom. We were at home in Halkidiki with my dad, my nieces and my brother, where there was a quiet melancholy and thunderous absence.

Sometimes they are easier, sometimes more difficult. I consider it very important that I have my children because this has given me a lot of strength to cope. I was also impressed by myself because it was a moment when I was very afraid and when mom finally “left”, I looked around and saw that I was standing, that I was surviving. It was a big shock, but I also got a lot of strength from it. I realized that I am much stronger than I thought.

It was much more difficult during the year and a half that he was fighting, because when you see your man in pain, suffering, there is also a part that is redeemed because he stops suffering. I felt like I grew up a lot after losing her. I was very close to my mom. I mean, I still am and I still feel it. I can’t explain it to you, but I hear her voice because she was also the first person I consulted on many issues. So now that I can’t get her, I feel like I have her answer in my head again, that she keeps doing it. Because inside I know exactly what he would answer me”, said Sissy Christidou.

Photo source: Ioanna Tzezoumi for OK!

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