Sakis Tanimanidis – Christina Bomba: This is the baptism invitation

The baby bloom for her Christina Bomba and the Saki Tanimanidis catching up! The beloved couple is going to baptize their twin daughters on Saturday, September 17 in Mykonos!

According to the report of Sasha Stamatis in the “Secret” insert, the sacrament will take place in the Holy Church of Agia Anna, in Platis Gialos, Mykonos. Afterwards, as mentioned in the invitation, a reception will follow at “SantAnna”.

The names that the little “princesses” of the Tanimanidis family will take will be Ariana and Philippa.

More specifically, little Philippa will be baptized by the well-known actor Manos Gavras with the businesswoman Marina Vernikouher daughter, Demilia Kambouridisand her son, George Kambouridis.

Little Ariana will have godparents the close friend of the couple, Yolanda Kalogeropoulouthe businessman Milto Kambouridisthe Annezia Kambouridis and the George Kambouridis.

The baptism invitation

Christina Bomba and Sakis Tanimanidis are already on the Island of the Winds and are preparing a big party for the christening of Ariana and Philippa!

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