Sissy Christidou premiered

Sissy Christidou premiered
Sissy Christidou premiered

THE Sissy Christidou and her company premiered the show today “Smile Again” through its frequency Mega. As it became known a few days ago, Dimitris Alexandrou is the new member of the team while they continue o Pavlos Stamatopoulosthe Eleni Voulgaraki and Nikos Syrigos.

“Happy New Year guys I’ll say. Good morning, welcome to our home. We entered from the entrance, as we did last year as well so that the charm would not be spoiled. Welcome to our set, which may look the same but it isn’t exactly. We’ve moved and you’ll see in a little while how we’ll open up even more.” were the first words Sissy Christidou said addressing the television audience.

“We have a new member in the company, Dimitris Alexandrou” she said afterwards, referring to the rest of her team.

A few minutes later, Sissy Christidou received a large bouquet from the show’s producer, Nikos Kokloni.

“Oh, how nice that you are back! I missed you all,” concluded the presenter and began to show the first topics of the show.

Watch the video with the start of the show

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