Giorgos Lianos: “The TV divorce Liaga was inevitable

Giorgos Lianos: “The TV divorce Liaga was inevitable
Giorgos Lianos: “The TV divorce Liaga was inevitable

Their daughter was baptized by George Lianos and the Konstantina Karalexi and that’s where the entertainment show cameras were found. The singer and presenter spoke about Liagagarlic, Duchess of Law, but also for Survivor.

“I am very happy. Survivor is a project that has clicked with my own style, the decision-makers are happy and it is going very well. I think the televised divorce between Liaga and Skorda was inevitable because at some point the contracts end, the circles close.” George Lianos said initially.

For her Duchess of Law who will be at the side of Giorgos Liagas, Giorgos Lianos said: “We love the Duchess, she supported us even then with the Voice when I had to leave for Survivor. Very cooperative, very bright person and I think she deserves a place on Greek television”.

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