Sharon Stone: “After the stroke I put an end to Botox forever”

Sharon Stone: “After the stroke I put an end to Botox forever”
Sharon Stone: “After the stroke I put an end to Botox forever”

In an interview with Arabic Vogue, Sharon Stone spoke about the use of anti-aging methods in the past, while also explaining the reasons why she has now rejected them. In particular, the star of Basic Instinct revealed how even though she used to give in to regular botox injections, she suffered a serious stroke.

“At the height of my glory, there were periods when I had botox. However, after a stroke and a brain bleed, I had to undergo more than 300 botox injections in order to correct one side of my face,” the actress confessed.

After her stroke, the 64-year-old says she perceived antiaging methods as “a form of painful neurological necessity.”

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Sharon Stone.

The actress, among other things, revealed that she was recently asked by her partner if she does Botox. She replied: “You’d probably prefer that I did, both for your image and mine,” with her response being the reason for their relationship to end.

Sharon, despite the rejection, does not hesitate to mention that she is going through the most exciting and creative period of her life.

Last year, Sharon spoke publicly about another surgery she underwent, some of which was performed without her consent.

The Hollywood star had to undergo surgery in 2001 to remove benign tumors from her breast and opted for reconstructive surgery.

However, after the procedure was completed, she discovered that the surgeon had enlarged her breasts without asking her, as he thought the actress “would look more beautiful with bigger breasts”.

In her book, The Beauty Of Living Twice, Stone explained: ‘After the operation I discovered that I had bigger breasts. Then the doctor told me it would fit my hip size better. He had essentially deformed my body without my consent.”

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