“I feel like I’m going to collapse…” – Mantos Gasteratos’ resounding “punch” in the stomach message to all mothers – News

“I feel like I’m going to collapse…” – Mantos Gasteratos’ resounding “punch” in the stomach message to all mothers – News
“I feel like I’m going to collapse…” – Mantos Gasteratos’ resounding “punch” in the stomach message to all mothers – News

Many times appearances are deceiving and all periods are not as rosy as they appear on social media, and normal life and reality are hidden behind.

Manto Gasteratou decided to speak about this truth through her personal Instagram account, who may be overjoyed with the arrival of her second child but there are still days when everything looks like a “mountain”.

Mantos Gasteratos’ post and message

She spoke about the difficult days that exist when everything is not perfect as it seems on social media and sent a strong message to all women who experience something similar, something that all people who have a step should do as they give a lot of strength without to know it.

“INSTAGRAM: This morning with a friend and my kids we went for a walk! After a pleasant walk we ended up in a park and sat under the shade of the trees. I watched George carefree playing around, while at the same time I nursed the little one. The coolness under the trees was delightful, there weren’t many people, so we could spread our “goodies” on the benches, tapers, bottles, baby wipes, etc. and I could breastfeed the baby in peace.

I was especially delighted by an older gentleman who was playing with his grandchildren. He approached us and after smiling at us and crossing us, he said to us: “blessing my girl, what I see is joy and blessing! May you and your family always be well.” It was one of those mornings that become a driving force! Your fuel to see the beauty of life and to keep looking for those moments that cost you nothing and you conquer them without effort, but they offer you so much!

REALITY: A few days back some mornings I was in a bad mood. You see my hormones are doing the cha cha dance since I’m going through sergeant period. Today I smile and dance all day. Other days I feel so vulnerable that I cry, so fragile that I feel like I’m going to collapse, so tired from staying up all night with the baby that I don’t want to get out of bed.

The photos above were not taken with the intention of uploading to Instagram. I tend to keep a record of random moments, good and bad-easy and difficult, of my everyday life. So thinking of sharing some of them with you, I was choosing to tell and show my whole truth. I don’t want to be one of those who project an embellished picture of reality nor am I interested in being anyone’s role model.

I just want to send racing greetings to all the women going through the phase I’m going through too! Don’t fish for the “perfection” served up “in here”…don’t compare yourself and never think you are lacking. I leave these words here to remind myself and those who follow me that life has its ups and downs and that’s exactly why it’s beautiful.”

Photo source: Instagram / Manto Gasteratou

Her full meaning post after returning home

She couldn’t ask for anything more now that she has everything and happiness is painted on her face. The reason for Manto Gasteratu who has now been discharged and has returned to her home now having both her children with her, and she can’t get enough of looking at them together.

The well-known model and presenter is still “bombarded” by wishes for the arrival of her daughter, while through one of her posts, she wanted to thank everyone but also give her own message.

“There is so much I want to share with you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I and our whole family for so many wishes and so many messages of love! I honestly feel lucky for everything that is happening to me and I wish you with all the strength of my soul, that each of you has and lives what makes him happy”, he wrote characteristically.

Mantos Gasteratos' all-meaningful post after returning home

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