You know Gaia, but her 20-year-old sister Electra is the blonde version of Dorothea Merkouri

You know Gaia, but her 20-year-old sister Electra is the blonde version of Dorothea Merkouri
You know Gaia, but her 20-year-old sister Electra is the blonde version of Dorothea Merkouri

From the moments when beauty cannot be described. The 20-year-old Electra Stegerhoek (her Dutch dad’s last name) may not yet have dared to become a top model like her mom Dorothea Mercouris, but she wins you over with her style. The gaze unconsciously falls on her distinctive features, a magical mix of three cultures. The best and most evolved version of her parents and what she stands for as a character.

Hlektra through her mother’s eyes

Greek-Italian by descent on her mother’s side and Dutch on her father’s side, she was destined to become a citizen of the world. “I would like them to do more and better things than me. I tell them you’re better than me, prettier, smarter.” With these few words, Dorothea Merkouri shared with us in her interview, how she managed the inevitable comparison with her. How she boosted the self-confidence of her daughters, so that they could spread their wings in life with confidence and courage. To build their own world and not be an oppressive and forced continuation of their parents.

Electra is not simply a continuation of Dorothea. She is a different personality, even in the calm way she moves, whether on social media or when she makes some rare appearances with her two-year-younger sister Gaia and their mom.

She lives permanently in the Netherlands, near her father (who also lives in America) and internationally well-known hairdresser, Ward Stegerhoek. Her dad is a legend in the fashion world, having worked with the biggest supermodels of the 90s, from Cindy Crawford to Naomi Campbell. It was on these international catwalks that romance and love with Dorothea began, even though their marriage was short-lived.

Dorothea had revealed that after the birth of Elektra, she wanted them to leave America to return to Europe, and thus their separation gradually occurred: “When I made Elektra, he also felt a little neglected. We left New York several years later. My husband also came here to Greece, we tried it. But I could no longer stay in America, I wanted to stay in Europe. My ex-husband is very good at what he does, he has a long career in America, he wouldn’t leave his job to go to another country.”

Elektra calls her mom a legend and tries to follow the fashion path, from a different direction, after studying fashion design at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. She has an innate love for the world in which her mom made great strides.

Her style is special, sometimes boho and several times a little more rock.

With Gaia’s younger sister, she has a cult relationship. He visits her several times in Athens and for one more time this summer, he was with her in Andros, together with Angelos Latsios.

And while we know the relationship of Gaia’s sister, she has not informed us of hers. On her Instagram profile, she only has one picture with a dark-skinned man, with a…suspicious dedication. “Always thinking of you” she writes to him in Spanish.

See also in the photo gallery that follows some more photos of the Merkouri sisters in childhood, looking like twins. And as Elektra humorously writes, her sister is the avocado on her toast. That is, something necessary and adored which completes it.

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