Karyophyllia Karabeti – Maria Protopapa: surprise collaboration!

Karyophyllia Karabeti – Maria Protopapa: surprise collaboration!
Karyophyllia Karabeti – Maria Protopapa: surprise collaboration!

This is a collaboration that we will certainly enjoy. And it is definitely a surprising collaboration but also an amazing collaboration.

Kariofyllia Karambeti and Maria Protopappa will join their enormous talents and in fact for one of the most important works of Greek literature, “Fonissa” by Alexandros Papadiamantis.


But let’s take them, from the beginning… or more specifically, from the production. So after the two important films, “Happiness” and “Smyrni my dear”, Tanweer decided to transfer to the big screen the “social novel”, as mentioned in the subtitle, of the “saint of Greek letters”, Alexandros Papadiamantis . At the heart of the story, an old widow who, having experienced how hard and difficult it is to be a woman by serving as a daughter as well as a wife to her environment in the male-dominated patriarchal society, makes the decision to “redeem” the little girls by killing them! This story with its many and still relevant messages will be transferred to the cinema with a script by Katerina Bey and artistic editing by Eva Nathena. So, in the leading roles, of the mother “Fonissa” and her daughter, we will enjoy Karyofyllia Karabetis and Maria Protopappa, a collaboration that we hope to enjoy on television as well…!

Of course, in addition to Karabeti and Protopappa, we will also see other great actors in the film, such as Penelope Tsilika, Elena Topalidou, Maria Skoulas, Mania Papadimitriou, Christos Stergioglou, Georgianna Dallara, and Yiannis Tsortekis.

The filming of “Fonissa” produced by Tanweer is scheduled to take place in November in a village of Mani which has the wild, imposing and mysterious image needed for physical filming, while it is expected to premiere in theaters next March and we are justifiably expecting a great cinema movie…!

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