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Eugenia Dimitropoulou: First day at school for little Eva

The new school year started today for children in kindergartens and kindergartens. Among them her daughter Eugenias Dimitropoulos, Eva. The actress who is particularly sparing in posts about her daughter made a post on the occasion of this special occasion.

“First day at school” wrote and published on Instagram Story a photo with little Eva’s school bag. The bag is orange and has a fox design. She is small, everything that should be for a child of this age, minimal and very cute.

Eugenia Dimitropoulou: The rare posts with her daughter

Eugenia Dimitropoulou, who stars in SKAI’s soon-to-be-premiered new TV drama series Anise, revealed her daughter’s adoption last December with an Instagram post.

“My God, thank you! For a few days now I have been holding in my arms what I dreamed, wished and prayed for, our daughter! He may have been born thousands of kilometers away, but he was always in our hearts! My Eve, you are welcome to live with us!” he had written then.

Little Eva was born in Sierra Leone and Eugenia Dimitropoulou spoke about the adoption journey, patience, perseverance and difficulties in her interview:

“Adoption is a difficult journey, with many and different stages, and it takes patience, mental reserves, support in difficult times and a lot of personal effort to overcome the obstacles. There was always an uncertainty. The whole process has many demanding points, but, just like in childbirth, in the end you forget about the pain.”

From last December until today, the posts of the actress are counted on the fingers. Among them, the one on the occasion of Eva’s second birthday, but also the post about the first summer vacation with her daughter.

See the posts that Eugenia Dimitropoulou has made with her two-year-old Eva gallery it follows.

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