This Is Why Leonardo DiCaprio Breaks Up With His Girlfriends When They Turn 25 – Clear But Cynical

This Is Why Leonardo DiCaprio Breaks Up With His Girlfriends When They Turn 25 – Clear But Cynical
This Is Why Leonardo DiCaprio Breaks Up With His Girlfriends When They Turn 25 – Clear But Cynical

When a romance begins, the only thing certain is that it will have an end date. This is true in the case of Leonardo DiCaprio, with a source from his environment stressing that he breaks up with his girlfriends when… they grow up or when they get too close.

The rule for Leonardo DiCaprio, therefore, is twofold: He puts an age limit of 25, and he does not want many intimacies.


Since 1999, when he started dating Gisele, who was 18 at the time (they split when she was 23), the Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood actor hasn’t been publicly linked to a woman over 25. As soon as his partners hit the… limit of 25 they break up and Leo, now 47 years old, is ready to make headlines with his next lover.

The latest victim of this strict pattern is Camila Moron, who turned 25 on June 16 and whose split from DiCaprio was announced on Tuesday.

Why does Leonardo DiCaprio break up with all his girlfriends at 25?

A source close to the actor, speaking to The Post, explained that there are two reasons why DiCaprio is ending his relationships.

“When women reach 25, they’re looking for more – they’re looking to get married and start a family. This is something Leo does not want. “He doesn’t want a family and he doesn’t want to be around women who might pressure him into that,” DiCaprio’s source said. “Once he meets a girl, time starts counting down. If an age passes, they will break up. If they get too close, they will break up. Leo has grown up, but his taste hasn’t changed.”


Furious on Twitter with Leonardo DiCaprio’s… rule of 25

Twitter, meanwhile, has been abuzz with DiCaprio’s… 25 rule.

“The girl Leonardo DiCaprio will give up when he’s 72 was born today,” someone commented on social media. Another wrote: “Titanic turns 25 this year so I guess Leonardo DiCaprio won’t want to star in it anymore.”

After his relationship with Gisele ended in 2004, DiCaprio patched things up with Sports Illustrated model Bar Refaeli – his decision not to attend the Met Ball with her is said to have precipitated their split.

In 2011, Leo, aged 35, enjoyed a one-year sprint around the world with then-23-year-old Blake Lively. Between 2013 and 2017, as DiCaprio, until he was 42, he dated model Toni Garrn, “Baywatch” remake star Kelly Rohrbach and stunning Nina Agdal. They were all in their 20s and, according to various reports, each split was amicable.


DiCaprio met model-turned-actress Camila Moron through Al Pacino, who was having an affair with the young woman’s mother. Pacino is probably an example for DiCaprio, since the women he is linked with are younger and younger. The 82-year-old’s most recent relationship is 28-year-old Noor Afallah.

Splitting with Leonardo DiCaprio’s… rule of 25

Heidi Fleiss, the former Hollywood madam, happens to have known DiCaprio since he was a baby: Her late pediatrician father and Leo’s father, author and sometime actor George DiCaprio, were friends.

“Well done. I’m with him,” Fleiss told The Post. “He is associated with women who are young and beautiful. He wants people who stimulate him mentally and physically. Why does he have to be with some woman who is desperate to get what she can from him and wants to commit to him?’

Fleiss added that there is nothing sexist: “Look at Jane Fonda. He said that if she gets involved with another man, it will be a younger man.”


Of course, there’s the other point of view, those who bash DiCaprio for only wanting very young women by his side, while he himself looks… old.

“A while back, a Victoria’s Secret model I know told me she met him at one of the clubs in Manhattan and they had sex. He told me he thought he was old,” said a person close to DiCaprio. “He’s 47 now and it’s starting to get a little creepy, that he still wants girls in his early 20s who are not just beautiful but eerily beautiful.”

That said, the source added, DiCaprio retains what attracts women young enough to be his daughters: “He’s still Jack from ‘Titanic.’ Never mind that, these days, he looks more like Jack’s dad.’

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