Prepared ‘list’ of Pique’s infidelities to secure custody of their children

Prepared ‘list’ of Pique’s infidelities to secure custody of their children
Prepared ‘list’ of Pique’s infidelities to secure custody of their children

After the announcement of her separation Shakira by Gerard Piquethe revelations are endless.

The well-known football player turned out to be particularly… lively, during his relationship with the singer, a fact that she probably won’t forgive him for.

The two made their separation known some time ago, with Gerard Pique “irreparably exposed”, as some photos appeared on the internet, showing him in a tender four-to-four with his new partner. The reason for the 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti, with whom the footballer allegedly maintained a bond while he was with the Colombian star. Of course, she won’t let him go “unpunished.”

A publication by Marca states that in the event that Pique takes legal action and tries to claim custody of their two children, Shakira intends to “counterattack”.

As it is reported, she has had “loose and bound” gather information about her ex’s infidelities over the years and has already compiled a long list of women who have slept with him.

The star intends to immigrate to the US with their children and will do everything possible to make it happen. Given that Pique might try to stop her by opening a lawsuit, she has already taken action.

After all, during these 12 years of their joint journey, it was not only Clara who managed to make him “visit”. Shakira already has a well-known Spanish paparazzi on her side, who publicly stood up for her and threatened to expose all of Pique’s “unwashed” in public.

“This week many things will come to light, which will embarrass Gerard. I will expose two of his infidelities. One from 2016, but also the one with Clara Chia Marti. It’s terrible how he cheated on Shakira. It’s disgusting,” wrote the Spanish paparazzi, Jordi Martin, in a post on Twitter.

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