She revealed the heirs to her estate

She revealed the heirs to her estate
She revealed the heirs to her estate

Zozo Sapundzaki, as has been seen repeatedly, has a sardonic sense of humor and is never afraid to call things out. Speaking recently to High magazine, the “queen of the Athenian night”, as she became known, answered the money that passed through her hands, the fate of her property after her death and her house in Kinetta where she lives that has suffered irreparable fire damage.

-Why don’t you build the house in Kineta?

-Because of cost. Whatever money I had and didn’t have, I put into this house. Even though I see the burnt ones from above, I’m used to it. I got over the sadness. The day it burned, I was away and when I came back and saw it, I didn’t cry at all. The journalists came and were impressed by this.

-Have you thought about selling it?

– Many people told me that I can get good money, but I don’t think about it. Someone found it once before it burned down and offered me a lot of money, but I’m not selling it. I think that the sea is only here in Kineta, that there is no other. I don’t know what will happen later. I “made” Kineta, the buses passed by and stopped saying “this is Zozos’ house”. They also made a road in my name. I did a lot of things for Kineta, free dance parties and stuff. I have given myself to this area.

-Did you make money from your admittedly huge and enviable career?

– I made too much money! First of all, the house in Kineta cost me too much. But I’m wasteful, because I have a huge wardrobe. I will never put something old into a job, but I will sew something new. This thing is sick, I can’t keep money.

-Have you made a will?

-I did not do. I have nieces and they will share what I have. I also have an apartment in Dionysiou Areopagitou. I had another 3-4 which I was renting. Then I started selling them.

-Why did you sell them?

-I do not know why. I was crazy, I wasn’t good financially, my mother helped me while she was alive. I used to spend the money on myself, to look good, to buy jewelry. All this, of course, always for my work.

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