Steve Duzos is in the hospital

THE Steve Duzos is being treated. The well-known actor and son of the late Andreas Douzou is in the HYGEIA hospital.

He posted a photo on Facebook from his hospital room with colleagues and friends rushing downstairs to text him and ask what happened to him. The 63-year-old actor did not want to give further information about why he is in the hospital.

In the past he had revealed the health problems he had been through. “I’ve had four heart attacks. The worst was in 2011 when I fell into a coma after a heart operation… I died! But I don’t give up, inside I believe that I have nothing and that’s how I operate… Me and my whole family believe very much in God. My last thought as I passed out was “My God save me”. Until then I hadn’t said it again. When I woke up after three days in intensive care, I felt a tightness in my chest as if he was telling me he was giving me another chance.”

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