The truth about Valia Hatzitheodorou, the “horn” and the last time she had sexual contact


Premiere with his first show on the channel “Raw House» on Youtube he did Konstantinos Vassalos on Monday 20/11.

His former player Survivor and close associate of Sissys Christidou answered the prying questions of his online friends, while at the same time he made his first attempt at cooking.

More specifically, Konstantinos Vassalos responded to the rumors that want him to be in a relationship with Valia Hatzitheodorouabout whether he is single at the moment, but also about the negative comments he has received from time to time from shows.

“Valia Hadjitheodorou and I are just friends, I confirm it here. We don’t have them, we don’t match and even if we wanted to, it’s not possible”, initially said Konstantinos Vassalos and revealed that he last had sexual intercourse on November 6.

Regarding whether he would return to his ex-partner, Konstantinos Vassalos said: “I would return to my ex if it was worth it. So far I’ve never gone back to an ex, not because I’m narrow-minded.”

Then the well-known personal trainer was asked if he has “cuckolded” any of his partners, while he revealed if he has ever been rejected by a woman.

“I’m cuckolded, who hasn’t been cuckolded?” I don’t know if I’ve been cuckolded, I haven’t found out, but I suspect so and I’m not falling out. I have been dumped by a girlfriend and I was depressed. For two years or so I was miserable black, I wanted her back.”

Regarding the negative comments he receives from broadcasts, Konstantinos Vassalos noted: “It bothers me that I get negative comments on shows, especially from some people who normally shouldn’t even be commenting. First we have to do our self-criticism and then comment on others. Of course, the job they do is to comment on current affairs and the persons exposed. There just has to be respect.”

In closing, he was asked about the five most beautiful Greek women, saying: “When I have to answer, they don’t come to me. I’ll say Christina Bomba, I always put her on. I will say Fai Skordas, Eleni Foureira, Athina Economakou and Eva Kaili.

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