He married his beloved, Olga Karpouzidou


Today was the happiest day of his life George Pilidis. Former Survivor player married the love of his heart, Olga Karpouzidou after 7 years of relationship.

According to exclusive information of TLIFE, Giorgos Pilidis and Olga Karpouzidou united with the sacred bonds of marriage in a church in Acharnes, with their few and good friends by their side. He wanted to keep this joyful event away from the public eye and from social media.

This is also the reason why the couple’s guests cannot share snapshots of the mystery.

“My girlfriend and I have been together since childhood. We have been together for six years. We weren’t in the same school. It was an Instagram romance. The wedding is in our close-ups. Maybe we’ll get married next year, maybe even this year. After September anyway”, Giorgos Pilidis had revealed in the past.

The 23-year-old world wrestling champion is extremely low-key and doesn’t like the spotlight on him because of his personal life. This is also the reason that the things that have become known about his partner and his personal life in general are through his own statements or confessions.

Olga Karpouzidou is 21 years old, works as a beautician and supports George Pilidis in everything. She loves traveling and has around 4,000 followers on Instagram. The two today exchanged vows of eternal fidelity and love and look forward to living the rest of their lives together!

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