Paola: “If my mom wears it, my hair will definitely fall out, but we can’t say anything about Despina” (vid)


“Despina Vandi has no age and no artist” commented Paola.

Paola gave statements to the journalists and talked about the doro that prevailed with Despina Vasndi and her clothing choice in her night appearance as well as about Notis Sfakianakis and about the end of their previous collaboration.

“She is Despina Vandi and she has proven all these years who she is. A little dress is in the finale. Shall we judge Despina Vandi on a dress? ok Okay, if my mom wears it my hair will definitely fall out, but Despina can’t be said for anything. Despina Vandi has no age and neither does any artist,” said Paola.

“Nitis Sfakianakis must return, Finally. It goes without saying that I would work with him again. No one knows and because no one was there and everyone wrote what they wanted to write. Only me and Sfakianakis didn’t talk about it. For this reason I would work with him again. It was a bad moment. What to do; This also happens,” added Paola about Notis Sfakianakis.

See the quote at 1:20

The article is in Greek

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