The singer Maria Karlaki was born

The singer Maria Karlaki was born
The singer Maria Karlaki was born

One of the most special phases of her life is going through Maria Karlaki.

In particular, the singer became a mother at seven in the morning on Saturday, November 11, as she gave birth to her first child.

According to exclusive information of FTHIS.GRthe Maria Karlaki gave birth by caesarean section to a 3,190 gram, 52 cm baby boy.

THE Maria Karlaki she is in a maternity hospital in the northern suburbs and her doctor is the gynecologist and obstetrician, Panagiotis Polyzos.

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Maria Karlaki’s confession before giving birth

Not long before she became a mother, Maria Karlaki she had spoken on her show Fays Skordas “Fay’s time” and had revealed that she will raise her baby alone, as she is no longer with his father.

“I can’t wait to hold my son. I will give birth in November, the baby will be a scorpion like me. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I started crying, this baby is a godsend. Triantafyllos knew I was pregnant before I even knew. People who are in the limelight face the psychological problems of others. The father of my child cried when he heard I was pregnant. I am not with the father of my child, I can raise my child alone. I am overwhelmed with anxiety about how I will raise my child. It makes me sad when I think about having to explain to my child why I’m not with his dad. My child’s name will be Raphael and the christening will take place in Mytilini. In five years I would like to have my own family and have a second child,” she said Maria Karlaki.

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