Konstantinos Kazakos – Vasiliki Makri: “bombshell” separation after 3 years of relationship


THE Konstantinos Kazakos and the Vasiliki Makri it seems that they have decided to go their separate ways.

According to the report by On Time and Sasha Stamatis, the talented actor broke up with the young dancer, with Vasiliki Makris’s entourage stating that their relationship came full circle as both of them were now looking for different things.

Shortly after his divorce with Ioanna Martzoukou, Konstantinos Kazakos met and fell in love with Vassiliki Makri, 27 years his junior. He said: “Now I am very well. I have found a creature whom I love and who loves me very much and I am happy.”

It is worth noting that Constantine’s priority was always his daughter and his son and the relationship with them. The charming actor maintains excellent relations with his beautiful ex-wife Ioanna Martzoukou, as he considers her not only the mother of their son, but also a good mother of the child they had.

Regarding the comments about their age difference, Konstantinos Kazakos stated in an interview: “I don’t care that they comment on the age difference between me and my partner. Everyone has become a judge. My partner and I met at work, it was love at first sight. I’ve worked with people who haven’t studied acting. Some were amazing and others were “stumps”.

Who is Vasiliki Makri who had a relationship with Konstantinos Kazakos for three years

At the age of 18, Vasiliki Makri left her hometown, Patras, to follow her dream, which was none other than to study dance at the State School of Orchestral Art.

Today she is a professional dancer and performer, having also participated in various theater performances. One of them was the occasion to meet the famous actor, with whom she developed a romantic relationship.

Her personal Instagram profile has over 2000 followers and is full of photos from her daily life as a dancer. In fact, in most of the snapshots she has published, she poses, either from the gym or from the ballroom, where she prepares for her performances.

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