Bruce Willis: Shock For Demi Moore – He Didn’t Recognize Her!

Bruce Willis: Shock For Demi Moore – He Didn’t Recognize Her!
Bruce Willis: Shock For Demi Moore – He Didn’t Recognize Her!

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Last February, Bruce Willis retired from acting after it was confirmed that he was suffering from frontotemporal dementia.

His health condition worsens as time passes, losing his memory as well. In fact, the latest information states that, after he returned from a trip to Italy, Demi Moore went to see him and he didn’t recognize her!

Bruce Willis: “I don’t know if he understands what he has,” says his wife

As it states Closer, his famous actress and ex-wife, is devastated. He had no idea about this whole situation and the rapid deterioration of the actor’s health. Bruce Willis is no longer able to communicate verbally.

Many years after their divorce, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are two good friends /Photo Instagram

Nevertheless, he retains the memory of his current wife and daughters, whom he still recognizes. However, all indications are that the actor is unable to converse with them. Glenn Gordon Caron, a friend of the Hollywood star, said to New York Post a few weeks ago that she is unable to contact him. “My feeling is that within one to three minutes he understands who I am,” he said. “He used to like to read a lot of books, but now he can’t. All these language skills are no longer at his disposal. He’s still Bruce though».

Bruce Willis: “My father has lost some of the joy of life”

Bruce Willis’ daughter Tallulah has opened up about her father’s battle with frontotemporal dementia (FTD), an aggressive form of dementia that is very rare.

Bruce Willis: “His health is getting worse,” says his ex

Demi Moore and Bruce’s daughter said during an interview with Drew Barrymore that the family decided to speak openly about his diagnosis in order to raise public awareness of the disease. “If we can take something that we struggle with as a family and individually, to help other people, turn it into something beautiful, that’s really special to us“, said the 29-year-old.

Tallulah with her famous dad Bruce Willis /Instagram photo

Tallulah added that her father remains “the same in many ways,” but that he has “lose some of his joy in life and his language skills,” adding that music is still important to him. As he characteristically stated: “He’s himself… which I think, in that regard, I’ve learned is the best thing you can ask for. And what I see is love when I’m with him. He is my dad and he loves me».

Tallulah Willis’ post from The Drew Barrymore Show

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