Bessy Malfa, Giorgos Partsalakis, Tasos Chalkias collapsed

Bessy Malfa, Giorgos Partsalakis, Tasos Chalkias collapsed
Bessy Malfa, Giorgos Partsalakis, Tasos Chalkias collapsed

The news that Katia Nikolaidou lost the great battle, which she fought bravely for almost 20 years, with cancer plunged those who knew her into mourning. Bessy Malfa, Giorgos Partsalakis and Tasos Chalkias had played with her in the series “I’ll see you on the ship”.

Katia Nikolaidou continued filming the series while undergoing cancer treatments. She had even described how at one point they were in Santorini for filming and someone had told her to take off the wig she was wearing. Both Bessie Malfa and George Partsalakis and Tasos Chalkias they could not bear the emotion when they spoke of her.

“I am deeply saddened, she was my best friend. He was a holy man, very important to me. Very important for many, for art, a rare girl. At this moment I am, as you can understand, almost paralyzed with grief…

I don’t know how to deal with it. What I do know is that she was a saint, a great woman, strong who fought the disease many times and defeated it. I love her and I will love her…

I would like to say many things about Katia, but my pain is too great, please forgive me. I love her very much and it’s hard for me… Forgive me…,” Bessie Malpha told Breakfast.

The well-known actress had earlier also uploaded a black image on her Instagram account, as a sign of mourning.

Giorgos Partsalakis also spoke about Katia Nikolaidou at Breakfast. And he “bent” over the loss. “I was really shocked because we worked together on a series, which we had a great time. A series that people loved. A bright, optimistic, tender, kind, talented girl. We really had a very nice relationship. I really loved her. May this love accompany her on this journey she is making.

Good luck there because she went through a lot but she went through it gracefully, with dignity, with great strength and I really admired her for all that she went through. Katya, my sweet, have a nice trip, my beauty.

She was like my daughter, really and outside of work when two people are gentlemen and ladies, because she was a lady, an awesome kind kid and talented and… I’m very moved, I’m very bitter. Why would God make such mistakes and take people at the wrong time? I don’t understand, I don’t understand…”

Also in Breakfast, Tasos Chalkias couldn’t stand it and burst into tears over the death of Katia Nikolaidou.

“He was a much-loved creature who will be missed by the entire theater. There is no one to say anything negative about Katia Nikolaidou. She was dignified, courageous, hardworking, beautiful… but from a very early age she began to suffer from this disease and it was time for her to go.

Have a good trip, I say goodbye to her from the bottom of my heart. And I wish for the unknown to find something better than here…”, Tasos Halkias said while crying.

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