Kostas Karamanlis and Natasa Pazaitis in a rare appearance together with their twin children


At the memorial event for Marietta Giannakou, Costas Karamanlis made a rare appearance together with his wife Natasha Pazaitis and their twin children, Alikis and Alexandros.

The twins of Kostas Karamanlis and Natasa Pazaitis have grown up and are now 19 years old. Both Alice and Alexandros have started their studies, while their public appearances are minimal.

Natasha Pazaiti in one of her rare television interviews a few days ago in Stamatina Tsimtsili and Happy Day spoke openly about the relationship with her children, from their childhood until today.

“It is true that the most difficult period was the specialty period when my children were young. Then I lost moments and I feel bad about it.

I remember always being asked if I was going to come home, because during residency I was pastoring at least twice and was away from home. I think it was attributed to me for many years.

Now that they are older, things have changed. They remember all the sacrifices I have made in relation to my work and they admire it”, said Natasha Pazaiti.

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