“I didn’t know, I remember which girls auditioned for Morning Coffee”


A televised revelation was made a few days ago by Faye Skordaswho emphasized through her show on SKAI that she expected that she would present “Morning Coffee”.

“You know that then I expected that I would go and Eleonora Meleti went. I was in TV Makedonia, I was in ANT1 Group. They had seen my tapes and then Eleonora went. Haven’t I said that before? Now it came to me” said Fai Skorda characteristically.

THE Eleonora Meletiwho finally took over the morning show after the departure of Eleni Menegaki, wanted to place herself publicly through the “Mega Good Morning”on the morning of Monday 6/11.

“I didn’t know, the truth is. I remember that at that time there were names, which I read in the newspapers, about the girls who have been invited to do a test. Faye might not have had to take a test because she had the tapes. Among the girls who had done the casting, I remember Jeni Ioakeimidou, Niki Kartsona and Iota Tsibrikidou” said Eleonora Meleti.

“I want to put people in the loop of how the system works. Do you remember when I came out to Eleni and said those things? Remember when there were shows looking to see who the abuser is? They would go to partners with microphones and embarrass them and ask them “were you the abuser of the Study?”

I didn’t see any of those who were really eager to know the background of this case play the clear-cut, well-served answer that Katerina gave in her interview. No one played it,” the Mega presenter then emphasized.

The article is in Greek

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