Stelios Dionysiou: “My father was bitter, he suffered a very big war”

Stelios Dionysiou: “My father was bitter, he suffered a very big war”
Stelios Dionysiou: “My father was bitter, he suffered a very big war”

“He went through some personal adventures and they put him in the time cabinet” reveals Stelios Dionysiou.

Stelios Dionysiou was invited along with his siblings, on Sunday afternoon, on the show Wed A Wed with Tassos Tryphonos in the new episode that aired on Cypriot television. Among other things, in fact, the popular singer referred from the heart to his late father, Stratos and the bitterness that he feels he took with him in his death.

In particular, Stelios Dionysiou confessed that “in general he didn’t talk much about the past and I think he was a bit bitter. In other words, he received a very big war from the record companies, Columbia and later Minos. He received a great war because our father did not have a great composer to work with continuously. He sang whatever song he liked.”

“If you exclude him, let’s say that he had a friendship with someone at the beginning of his career, with Akis Panou who made those big hits in the 70s. Afterwards, he went through some personal adventures and it was there that he was put in a time warp, so to speak.”

“His imprisonment began during the Junta and was in the post-colonial period, i.e. in 1974. They blamed him but found nothing on him and implicated him a bit there. When they came to the house to arrest him, I was there. I remember they came and rang the bell, went upstairs and went straight to his room. Prosecutor, police and such. I went down the back, where there was an elevator that went down to the garage, I left straight away without them bothering me to let him know. I should call him at the coffee shop where he was and he wouldn’t come, but as soon as I left the garage he was driving up” added, in turn, Angelos Dionysiou in the new television interview of his family.

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