Nana Mouschouri: Unique duet with Natasa Theodoridou


A rare musical moment was experienced by those who were at the “Coast of Piraeus”, when the Natasha Theodoridou welcomed the great Nana Moushuri into their midst. The singer then sat next to the global hit performer and they sang together.

“Let’s go for a walk on the moon” the patrons of the well-known nightclub heard from Natasa Theodoridou and Nana Mouschouri and enjoyed a few moments with them. While Natasa Theodoridou shared a video of their duet on her personal Instagram account, which she accompanied by writing: “Nana, I love you ❤️”. While she is heard saying: “First of all I am very happy that she has honored me with her friendship and I love her very much. Ladies and gentlemen, Mrs. Nana Moushouri is with us.”

Watch the video:


Nana Mouskouri was there to have fun with her husband, Andre Chapel, with whom they came to Greece a few days ago on the occasion of the presentation of her new double album “Nana Mouskouri Radio Days”. The presentation took place on the evening of Wednesday 1/11 at the Radio Megaro of ERT and includes 24 rare anecdotal recordings of songs that were in the archive of ERT.

These forgotten recordings from the ERT archive were discovered by the producer of the Second Program, Sideris Printezis.
The 24 songs were recorded with the EIR Light Music Orchestra from 1956 to 1962 and remained unreleased. Now they are released for the first time on a double vinyl collector’s album, as well as on CD.

Nana Moushouri with her husband, Andre Chappel:

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